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  • Yancheng Shuangning Agro-Chemical Co., Ltd.

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    About us

    Yancheng Shuangning Agricultural Chemical Co., Ltd.'s predecessor is the Funing County Agricultural Chemical Factory. Established in 1984, it is the national pointing pesticide production enterprise. It also has given the honorable titles such as the Quality Exemption from Inspection Enterprise of East China. 
    Shuangning company possesses a team of high quality talented person, in which including 63 medium and senior specialized technology talented person and 1/3 of them having college diplomas or technical secondary school diplomas or professional and technical titles. Their made themselves master of management, marketing and technology. With brand-new spirit style, they are pushing the company to be a modernized and internationalized enterprise. Shuangning company has the domestic first-class pesticide production line and complete quality examination system. 
    Shuangning company has the formidable technical support. The enterprise has own technical center and has established close cooperation relations with the Nanjing Agricultural University, Hunan Chemical Research Institute, Nankai University and so on colleges, universities and institutes. Thus, it has become a high tech enterprise which integrates product development, bulk drug synthesis, preparation processing and the market marketing as an organic whole. 
    Shuangning company has the domestic leading green pesticide products. Now it has nearly 30 products of insecticide, acaricide, bactericide and herbicide, such as the Imidacloprid, Emamectin.Benzoate, Tebuconazole, etc. 
    Shuangning company will strengthen the market construction,innovate marketing pattern, altogether establish the close cooperation with the customer which is in perfect harmony and push the Chinese plant protection business to a new peak.
    Enclosing company products:


    Wanzi ®25% pymetrozine WP Qianhong®10% imidacloprid WP Huakong®240g/L methoxyfenozide suspension 
    Cuihui®10% abamectin•methoxyfenozide suspension Xunruimin ®50% pymetrozine WP Lichen®25% pymetrozine• buprofezin WP 
    Baotaifeng®30% pymetrozine•tsumacide WP        Ningbu®1% emamectin benzoate EC Suozhi®25% imidacloprid WP
    Xinyongjia ®18% imidacloprid• buprofezin WP 20% emamectin benzoate•chlorpyrifos EC 30% buprofezin•chlorpyrifos EC 
    350g/L imidacloprid suspension 20% imidacloprid dsoluble liquid 5% imidacloprid EC
    25% buprofezin WP 20% triazophos EC  


    Zuiman ®15% pyridaben EC 25% azacyclotin WP  40% propargite EC


    Junsuqing®240g/L thifluzamide suspension Aoning ®25% tebuconazole WP  40% carbendazim·triadimefon·thiram WP


    18% oxadiazon•butachlor EC    

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